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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Smith Corona Golden Shield

This case looks a little thin for a typewriter case.

This reminds me of a pearl in an oyster shell.

The Jayvee sold only at J.C. Penney

1960 Olympia Splendid goes to a young writer.

The infamous pointing finger key from a Underwood No. 4.

I found this in a case with a SCM Electra 220.

From 1932 National Geographic

From 1939 National Geographic

Ever wonder what's on the back of these ads - more ads!

The Nations School - August 1959

This 1948 Underwood Electric looks more like a teletype machine.


  1. Another great collection of stories, facts, pictures, and more. Your blog is lots of fun!

    That red Oly is stunning. And I wish I had a typewriter that could type a pointing finger!

    Here are some observations on Golden Shield machines from fellow typospherians:

    From Will Davis
    From Robert Messenger

  2. Thanks for this, Tom, interesting read as usual.

    I like the Golden Shield, looks very 60's. I've actually never tried a Corsair. How would you describe the typing action/feel?

    The more I type on my Olympia SM8/9, the more I am convinced that it really is one of the finest typers ever made. The typing action is so suave and precise, it's quite addicting. I have one cursive typewriter, a Hermes Media 3. It's nice to have at least one script typer but I agree that it's not for frequent use. Still, hope you find a buyer for your script SM-3!

  3. Re: The Underwood Electric Ad. That had to be the ugliest type writer ever made! Love your stories, and like the big mouth college professor, I'm not a big fan of cursive, either, although I do have at least two such machines!

  4. Richard- I'm so glad you enjoy reading about my shop. It really is a fun place to work. I liked the red Olympia so much I got one for myself too. Thank you for the info. It's always god to know more history about the machines your trying to sell. I love Robert Messengers blog. I learn so much typewriter history from both of you. Thanks!

    Ton- I think the action on the Corsair is really mushy. I'm not a big fan of them. Because I'm a repairman, I look at typewriters very differently than other people. I find the Corsairs so mechanically inferior that I don't enjoy typing on them. Hope that doesn't offend anyone cause I know lots of people that love them. Also I agree with you on the SM-8, one of my favorite typers. I like the SM-7 too, the carriage shift doesn't bother me at all.

    Martin- I'm with you on the 1948 Underwood Electric, the ugliest thing I've ever seen! I only have one script machine, a Tippa, which I use sparingly. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Thanks for the very interesting post. I really like all of those wonderful looking machines. I can see why the Red Splendid was chosen. I really appreciate the Changeable Type chart. I am trying to collect all the kinds for my Classic-12.

  6. It seems that everything's coming up Olympia these days.

    Your posts are always savored and enjoyed!

  7. Bill- Glad you enjoyed. I collected SCM changeable type keys for many years. Any particular ones you were looking for?

    Cameron- Today it's all Olympias, tomorrow it's Smith Coronas or Remingtons. They always comes in bunches. Thank you for your generous comments. I'm thrilled that people want to read about what happens in my shop.

  8. What lovely machines and such a clever blog. I wish I had the typewriter I learned on as a kid. I wonder what became of it.
    I've been tempted to buy one when I see one for sale but have resisted so far because of worries about the ribbons. How do you replace them?

    1. Sarala- Thanks for your comments. Most machines take a standard 1/2 inch ribbon that's available almost anywhere. If you have a really old machine that has ribbon spools that are no longer made, you can still re-spool a standard ribbon onto the existing spools already on your machine.

  9. I have a Golden Shield, and it's one I haven't seen elsewhere, based on a 50s Smith Corona Silent. I'll show it on my blog sometime soonish; I still have several to show!


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  11. Hi Tom,
    I agree with you regarding the touch of the SCM Corsair, as a technician myself, I always had a low opinion of the quality of the late SCM models. I worked for both SCM and Olympia so I am in a good position to comment
    Best regards,

  12. Hi Tom,
    I was interested in learning more about Jack's polishing methods. could you let me know?
    Regards, John

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  14. Cassandra NicholsonAugust 13, 2018 at 4:56 AM

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  15. Tom,

    My name is Mike Eckman and I collect and review film cameras on my website (link below).

    I am writing an article on the Argus C3 which at one point around 1960 had a special edition called the Argus Golden Shield. I know this Golden Shield company also applied their name on other products such as typewriters.

    In a Google image search I found a image of a Smith Corona Golden Shield typewriter on your site in this page.

    I would like to use one of your images of the typewriter in an upcoming article about the Argus in which I want to show an example of another Golden Shield product.

    I'll give you full credit for the image. My site is educational only so I make no money off it, I just want to make sure I have your permission to use your image.

    Have a nice day!