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This blog is about the daily activities in a busy typewriter shop. I want to share with you the many interesting people who come in here, the beautiful machines I get and most of all the great typewriter stories that people share with me!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Royal News

This customer had three very different styles of machines.

A real beauty with all the fixings.

Filming an interview, mikes and lights all around.

Cortland, NY- Home of Smith Corona.

                                                                 The End.


  1. The new film project is exciting, please update us on developments.

    That Fox Sterling looks stunning, great clean-up!

  2. All your blog entries have multiple dimensions and bear repeated reading. And they're fun!

    Kids doing minstrel shows in blackface ... shows you that 1952 was a long time ago. It does seem like Royal had some good company morale and some kind of community feeling.

    The folding arms on that Corona are the special lightweight kind that they just used for a few years (I forget the details).


  3. Thanks for posting the newsletter - very interesting reading! That Corona 3 is a beaut! Must be great being able to have your pick of what goes through your hands at the shop. I'd have a hard time keeping the personal collection small. :D

  4. Congratulations on the video.
    I do not know which I like better the Royal News or all those great looking typewriters.
    Thanks for sharing the newsletter. It is fantastic.

  5. Ton- Thanks! The Fox was a real stunner. The really old typewriters in near mint condition are like works of art for sure.

    Richard- Thank you for your very generous comments. I was a little surprised to see the kids doing a minstrel show in blackface. It made me think how far we've come in a generation or two.

    Ted- Thanks! It is great getting first crack at the great stuff that comes through here. However I do end up selling most of the machines that I would normally keep if I was keeping a large collection. I have a knack for getting these machines into the right hands so it doesn't bother me. I made a commitment to only collecting machines that I will use. That's why I only have twenty machines in my collection.

    Bill- Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the Royal newsletter. It was kind of cool.

  6. "Our Louis Morello has made a New Year's resolution to take his hat off when he eats lunch. We're delighted to hear it, Louis!"

    I just love old newsletters like this -- thanks for scanning it! I have one for Maine railroads that is written in exactly the same style.

    Great orange keys on the Fox Sterling.

  7. Thanks for the newsletter! It's great to read.

    I like the Fox Sterling a lot. Threebank typewriters are very appealing.

    What luck on the Hammonds and the Corona! I can understand you keep this one, with all it's extras and that perfect looking dealer sticker. Congrats!

  8. A grand post. Loved the newsletter, what a wonderful time capsule. It is my plan to one day be credible enough such that people feel the desire to donate unto me 5 Hammonds. What a treat!

  9. Janet- Thanks! Old news letters are like little time capsules. Glad you enjoyed. Abraham told me you've been coming down for the monthly typing get togethers. Awesome!

    Spiderwebz- Thanks. We are so lucky to get so much great stuff in here.

    Steve- I'm always honored when people donate machines to me because they just wants to find them a good home. Happens a lot.

  10. Found your blog today, I really appreciate your work.
    Having grownup in Madison, WI I was immediately attracted the Royal Portable with the Beil Typewriter Co sticker. Did some research and found this: http://www.danecountyhistory.org/mirror/mirror/MADIMIRR/images/00110006.pdf The ad for Beil's is on page 2 bottom right.

    1. MJMcEvoy- Nice job researching that typewriter shop. Wow, 1933. Thanks!