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Friday, August 12, 2016

Does Anyone Type In Middle English Anymore ?

Early SM9 w/13" platen and Middle English keyboard.

Second SM9 with Middle English keyboard.

Olympia Splendid 33 with Hungarian keyboard

Olympia SM9 with same keyboard.

It still looks like a brand new machine.

Being interviewed by Fox-25 Morning News.

These Torpedo 18 machines always look great.

Love the address here.

The cover is masking a Royal KMM

My 1930 Rem. 3 typed up this blog.

                                                          THE END


  1. Ooh, I imagine having a stock of such nice machines with nearly useless charactersets must be frustrating. Have you ever considered retyping them the way dealers used to do with trade-ins that had unmarketable typefaces and charactersets? Undoubtedly a fiddly and time-consuming job, though - maybe just offer them on ebay? (:

  2. Hey! Didn't you post the picture of that Olympia SM2 (3?) yesterday? And the day before? ;)

    If these two first machines weren't missing "á" and "ö" characters I would put them as Icelandic.

  3. Ted- Sometimes I can replace the keys and keycaps for english but mostly not. I'll hold onto them for a while. Thanks for always commenting!

    ZetiX- Several customers have already commented on the close connection of Middle English and Icelandic. There's some common history there. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Anoðer interesting update! I þink I'd like to find a Middle English typewriter someday.

    1. Very nice Richard! Every collector should have a Middle English typewriter. Thanks

    2. That's the power of good advertising! Just two days ago you had two Middle English typewriters. Now - it seems - you have none! :)

  5. Here is the link to the Fox 25 story: http://www.fox25boston.com/specials/ziptrip/typewriter-business-booming-in-arlington/361170559

    Those Middle English machines are taking me back to the college days when I read Chaucer. If you still have one next time I'm in the shop . . . .

    1. Thanks for putting up the link to the story. Why didn't I think of that! I'll save a Middle English machine just for you next month. I'll post the type-in date next week, it's looking like end of September.

  6. My 3 hours of sleep last night must be affecting me. When I first read this article, my mind substituted Middle Earth for Middle English. Who wouldn't like a hobbit typewriter? LOL

  7. Oooo, lovely!
    Years ago I wondered if anyone had ever made a Glagolitic typewriter. I used to try typing using only the old Roman letters: no J, W or U, and in all caps.

  8. Nice find, great blog!
    The typewriter you have is actually with an Icelandic keyboard; Middle Englsh shared 3-4 letters from Icelandic, so that is the connection.