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This blog is about the daily activities in a busy typewriter shop. I want to share with you the many interesting people who come in here, the beautiful machines I get and most of all the great typewriter stories that people share with me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's All Good Stuff

My 1969 Adler Tippa S


  1. that font with the paper color ... gorgeous combination!

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  3. That is beautiful script. I never was a script guy back in my former typing days, but the reawakened typecaster in me is really liking it now. Actually way back when, I was quite fond of a particular sans serif font on a Selectric. Very spare and modern looking.

    Tom, I am addicted. I have been typing daily since the Olivetti arrived, and--I can't believe this--I have four more machines on the way! I'm officially out of control. These are not reconditioned, but rescued from the wilds of eBay. So I imagine I'll be finding your shop in the not too distant future.

    My fascination with vintage typers has become like a pornographic obsession. I cruise eBay all hours of the day and night seeking images, and for days I have had five tabs open in my browser, all at machinesoflovinggrace.com each on the page of a different favorite; Olympias, Hermes, Smith-Coronas, Royals and Underwoods. And of course now I have to go find out some more about these Adler Tippa S's.

    I hope in a year I will have repeated the experience had by the young guy with the Royal 'O' model. It has had a kind of fascinating effect on my writing, of which there had been none, until I finally started typing. Again.

  4. Way to go Joe. Sounds like you're on a journey. I'll bet your thinking of letter gothic on the Selectric, one of my favorites. Good luck on the collecting.

  5. I have a Tippa S that is identical to yours, but without the script type. I also have a Smith Corona Galaxy that needs servicing. Any opportunity for an exchange here?