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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Are You Smarter Than A 10th Grader...From 1929

I like typing on this style machine with the keys laid out like a fan.

This is a nice view of the back

I really like this art deco style handle and plate on the case.


  1. I'd love to take this test, but the resolution seems a bit too low to decipher it.

  2. The resolution is fine for me. On Safari, anyway, you just click the image, then click again in order to override the feature that constrains the image to the borders of the window. I haven't gone through the whole test, but every question I've looked at has really made me think!

    That's a beautiful little handle on that case. Evidently an aftermarket addition, I suppose after the original leather handle broke.

  3. Dr. Polt- You are correct, of course. The original handle is a simple leather strap between the two empty brackets you see there. I agree, it is a nifty handle- I'd like to find one like it to replace my leather handle which has also broken. You see, I recently acquired a similar Remington Portable Model 5 of the same vintage (mine is ser # V636700), a kind gift of an old college friend. It is rapidly becoming one of the favorite machines in my collection.

  4. Very very nice Remington 5. I love to have one in such nice condition. Beautiful type also. RE: the test I have not taken it yet, but if anyone is using FireFox, Right click and select view image and it can be magnified to full screen and the resolution is fine.

  5. Richard- Thanks for your comments. That carrying case handle could have come off of anything. I will certainly start looking for adaptable handles like that now.

    Chuck- Thanks for commenting. I really liked that Model 5 and will look for one for my collection.

    Bill M.- The test is in very poor condition but felt it could still be read so it would be worth trying. It's kind of a neat window in time. Thanks!

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