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This blog is about the daily activities in a busy typewriter shop. I want to share with you the many interesting people who come in here, the beautiful machines I get and most of all the great typewriter stories that people share with me!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nothing says "I Love You" on Valentine's Day Like a Typewriter

I get a lot of these Smith Corona Silent, Sterling & Standard's.

I see many of these Corona's in all colors

I sold this 1955 Olympia SM-3 to a young writer.

This Royal 10 movie prop is getting a second life.


  1. It is good to hear you are back up to speed with good health.

  2. Yes, great to see that you're busy at work again.

    I won't be so foolish, though, as to give my wife a typewriter on V-Day! :)

  3. All my lady "friends" know what I would want on V-Day, but will they give me a type writer? Fat chance. For some reason, I'm always the one who "pays"! But, enough about "me," your yellow paper, pics, and typer stories are, as always, great!

  4. Always good to hear that business is good. Cheers!

  5. I nominate Jack to write your next typecast blog essay!
    He should tell us all about his impressions of the typewriter business.

  6. Good to hear that business is going well :)

    I'd love to a have a typewriter on V-day but I do not think I'll get lucky...

  7. I second speculator, it would be great to see the Boston typewriter boom from an acolyte's perspective :-) If I gave a typewriter (even a red plastic Olivetti) as a valentine's gift - I would be wearing it before noon!

  8. Thanks you everyone for your comments. I am glad to say that Jack has agreed to write about his impressions of the typewriter business for an upcoming blog. He mentioned two weeks but we'll see.