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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Super Fine Underwood Champion

This is one of the nicest Underwoods I have ever seen.

This was a very nice Ebay find for someone.

I have never noticed a dealer sticker there before.

Ribbon tins are very collectable and look cool.

Ribbon tins can be very decorative and stylish.


  1. What a superb Underwood! That typewriter looks like a million dollar machine. I'm glad (but not as much so as its owner) you could repair it.

    Most of the Ebay sellers I find do not have the faintest idea how to package a typewriter for shipping and Ebay encourages el cheapo packing since they charge the sellers a fee on shipping also -- talk about corporate greed.

  2. Great job on the Underwood! I have to give instructions on packing to sellers and the instructions are followed maybe 50% of the time

  3. Funny how a solution to a repair can benefit from being put on the shelf for a while. And worth it! That's a beautiful Underwood to make the effort for. A recent incentive I witnessed (hi RP) to pack properly was to offer a Bonus if the machine arrived packed as instructed. It didn't, but the idea's a sound one.

  4. Bill & Martin- Sellers don't have a clue or even care how to properly pack a typewriter. You basically have to threaten not to pay unless they follow your exact packing instructions.

    Rob- I was taught many years ago that if you couldn't figure out a problem in 30 minutes then put it away until tomorrow. That strategy works because you come back at the problem with a fresh mind and many times I'll figure it out while I am falling asleep that night. Even stranger, I have resolved many typewriter repairs while mowing the lawn on the weekend.

  5. I've come to really appreciate that model. That specimen is an interesting green. I'd like to see what it looks like in person. The black ones are simply beautiful. I so wish I were close to your shop so I could visit!

  6. Hello Tom, some years ago, my husband inherited an Underwood Champion Typewriter in excellent condition (mostly due to its being encased in a big black box, with inverted L-shaped hooks that fit into the lower back of the machine). In fact, it is almost identical to the picture that you have posted
    When i lift the top cover, the spools holding the ribbon have the words "Made by Underwood Elliot Fisher Company" on them
    The space bar also reveals the words "Champion".
    The box includes a pamphlet on how to use an accessory, the typewriter stand, with pictures. Unfortunately, the stand itself is missing
    Apart from a bit of rust on the top ends, and stiff keys, the machine feels good to use.
    Was curious to know if there were any people still using these machines, and after coming across your blog, am motivated to do so. I'm glad I chanced upon, it...:) Cheers!

  7. Hello,
    I have an Underwood Champion in very good condition, only the capo has traces of glue stickers which are no longer there. You advise me what product to clean capo?

  8. I know this is old, but the building on the Tecumseh tin still bears the name of "Ebershoff" over the entrance, though I believe the building now houses a bar.