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This blog is about the daily activities in a busy typewriter shop. I want to share with you the many interesting people who come in here, the beautiful machines I get and most of all the great typewriter stories that people share with me!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another Great Type-Out

We had a handful of first timers at the Type-Out.

Kizzie had a blast trying all the typewriters.

This is the look of concentration.

Jack's giving advise about typing.

Janet's typing on a Sky-riter she had repaired.

Abraham is looking splendid typing on the Sky-riter.

This 3000 looked so bad when it came in.

This Underwood No. 3 is simply beautiful.

This is the first chrome machine in the shop for repair.

Newest edition to our book collection.

Love the Texas Pride tin.

1955 Olympia SM-3. My new favorite machine.


  1. Nice idea about the collection of books written on typewriters. Could get quite large though, since I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of books written during the better part of the 20th century (at least until .. oh.. 1990 or so) were written on typewriters. And THAT - my friend - is a LOT of books!

    Also - congrats on the SM3! I just picked one up and I love it! Mine's a '53, I believe. Will be doing a typecast on it soon!

  2. The type-out looks like great fun and I love the dealer decals. Love it all, in fact, including the photo that proves that typewriting concentrates the mind.

  3. This is the coolest, and I love it that you gave out a Lettera 22 for the typing contest! And handsome Olympia Sm3 you've got there.

  4. Looks like an awesome time was had by all! I love that you're adding the "lending library" to your store and incorporating the history around the typewriter in your shop. An excellent outpost for the typewriter revolution :D

    Also, it warms my heart to see shop tags stuck to the *inside* of the ribbon cover. If only all shops did that, I think more of them would have survived.

  5. A great time at the type-out -- thanks so much for hosting these!!

    SM3s are great -- mine (1957-58, green) is the first typewriter I bought when I started collecting them (although I didn't know at the time that's what I was doing). The two colors on yours are just gorgeous!

    And Tom -- my sister found me a VOGUE machine! I'm picking it up at Thanksgiving and I'll definitely bring it by the shop. Woohoo!!

  6. Great post! You always include such interesting pictures of the typewriters that pass through your shop.

    Congratulations on your 1955 SM3. Gorgeous machine! It's great that you found something made in YOUR year.

  7. Congratulations on the successful type-out. Kizzy is really sweet. It is really neat that she had her own typewriter too.

    Those are some really fantastic looking typewriters. Thanks for sharing them with us. Your H3k looks factory fresh.

    That SM3 is superb.

    I recently finished an SM4 that has quickly become my machine of choice. I also have a rusty H3k machine I have been debating about restoring since it needs a drum and mainspring.

  8. Keep up the good work with the regular type-outs, grand idea!

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone! It's amazing no one thought of having type-ins years ago. They are so much fun.

    Janet- Just warning you now, if you bring your vogue machine in for repairs, I might not give it back to you. Just kidding.

    1. It's red, too!! Just warning you . . . .

  10. Great post, Tom! "Concentration" belongs in the typing picture HOF.

  11. This is indeed a great post. I love that color combo on the SM3. But what is really cool is seeing you stir up the interest of young folks in the typewriters. Great work.

  12. What incredible luck with that weather! The type-out looks like a fun party. It really adds something to the store I think. Just like the library of typewriter related books. Good choice!

  13. Erik- Thanks! That is a funny picture for sure.

    Tonysvision- I've always said that I feel I have a front row seat to the typewriter resurgence. I get a lot of joy out of my job but the biggest joy is seeing the teenagers and college kids get bitten by the typewriter bug. It's a fun thing to see.

    Spiderwebz- Thanks. I think mother nature loves type-outs too! I'm excited about collecting typewriter themed books. We have a few photo album type books now of authors and their typewriters in their studies or main writing spot.

  14. I saw that Royal no.10 in a few of those pictures and it had two glass panels on the side and white keys. I have one just like that and it has black keys and I have never seen black keys on a two window model. Is the fact that it has black keys special in any way or is it just nothing?

    1. Luke- Probably just a different version of same machine or could be a re-built model where they replaced the keys. We'll never know.

  15. Man, our forefathers were a lot funkier than we give them credit for! Those colors are out there. Great stuff, and always a pleasure to know more is on the way.

  16. "Typewriter Battalion," seen in your photo, contains a short but exciting piece by Walter Cronkite reporting on his flight with a bomber crew on a raid on the Wilhemshaven naval base. I mention it because of course that is where Olympia set up shop after the war.

    And that is a very attractive SM-3 you have there.

    I've never heard of Texas Pride typewriter ribbons. I'll keep my out for one (I live in Fort Worth). How cool.