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Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Wild Colors From Royal - 1929

A beautiful 1929 Royal "P" with Vogue type.

This red/orange Royal is also from 1929.

This is the craziest color of all.

This nice looking Studio 46 was pretty banged up but types great.

This is an interesting finish compared to the glossy black.

This is a favorite of mine but I still don't have one of my own.

The Olivetti Studio 46 was serviced or sold in Granada.

I like this old sticker from Seattle.

Another one from Charlotte, N.C.

The Totem tin is a fairly rare one from England.

Been getting lots of old machines in with these ribbon boxes inside.

                                                            The End


  1. Those are some fantastic looking typewriters! I love the colors. There is some one in the typosphere blogosphere who has a lime green Vogue like that one. I'd really like to find a nice old Royal with Vogue typeface. I also wish my 1927 redwood Underwood portable looked as good as that one. Mine has several darkened key tops and I am afraid to try and take them apart -- if it is even possible.

    It is really neat that your customers come all the way from Morocco. It shows your reputation for doing great work.

    1. You are right Bill! Those are Nick from philosophothought and Nat from natslaptaps. Nat actually has several colored model P's, orange-yellow and two different green ones.

  2. What bold colors, I wonder how many other colors there are for Royal Model P. And that Remington Portable has got to be the most flashy I've seen!

    Happy to see that fetching green Hispano Olivetti Studio 46 (whoa, all the way from Morocco), glad you were able to remedy the problem and improve its working condition.

  3. Bill- Thanks, I would love to get a Vogue machine for home use too. I'm always leary to replace the faded keycaps. Those chrome rings have been in place for 60 plus years and don't come off without a fight. You usually ruin the rings when you try to remove them.

    Ton- I knew you would like the Studio 46 machine. I'm wondering too, how many more colors I'll find on the Royals. Thanks!

  4. Royals are a brilliant trio, Underwood is great but that Remington is just fantastic! Respect for providing a world class typewriter service!!

  5. (WIDE OPEN EYES) Wow! WOW! Oh such beautiful machines!

  6. Oh, and BTW - I have had no issues at all getting the key tops off with the right key-remover tool. They just slip off without a fuss.

    Also, they are nickel. On the P they pre-date chrome.

  7. What a gorgeous array of colorful machines! The Royal P in vogue is particularly fine.

    I have a Royal P (1931) that is in two-tone brown. You can see it here on my blog:


    It is in regular pica, and types very well. Royals of that vintage seem be excellent typers.

  8. Tom did a great job (as expected) and my wife had some great conversations on the road and in the airports. She traveled, as do I, with the Olivetti as a carry-on. I am an Olivetti convert and find the action to be incredibly responsive. Also... I like my accents, umlauts, Ç and Ñ keys. Ton… maybe I should check out a 44, but man, this 46 has a nice history behind it.

  9. XetiX- Thanks for your generous comments. I think all the machines on this post are great typers.

    Scott- Thanks. Glad you enjoyed. I need one of those special key ring remover tools.

    Cameron- Thanks! I remember seeing your brown Royal at the time and thinking how much I'd like one too. Six months later I got a couple of them in the shop. There great!

    Lucas- Glad you liked the condition of your machine. I needed the whole two days to make it just right. I'll be on the lookout for a Studio 46 for myself now.

  10. Great-looking typewriters and happy stories -- that's why I come to Life in a Typewriter Shop!

    I recently joined the Vogue club with a red and black model P, and I'm fixing up a woodgrain Underwood portable to sell at WordPlay. They sure made some fun, bright and colorful typewriters circa 1930.

  11. Hi Richard- Thank you. You're very generous as usual. I'm glad you got your Vogue machine. My friend John recently got his Vogue with the red and black "P". Someday I'll get my Vogue machine too. I think in the late 20's people were living large and with the new paint technology (Duco paint) , anything goes as far as colors. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I've been trying to find out exactly how many colors Royal produced for this line, but so far no luck. One would probably have to do some company archive research to really nail it down.

  13. And some lucky Etsy soul had one of the "Ps" in "Orchid"--a pale pink-lavender combination.

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  15. What a marvelous font! The Royal itself is gorgeous but my-oh-my, Vogue has stolen my heart. It's very similar to the font used on some high-end electronic equipment in the 1930s - 50s.