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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is It Art Or Just A Typewriter On The Wall

Here's something you don't see in every house.

This Lettera 22 has been sitting unused in this box for 60 years.

You can see the ship to address in this shot.

You can tell this machine was never used before.

This Torpedo is very stylish with a 60's vibe and cursive type.

                                                          The End


  1. Wow! Such a great and rare find -- a new unused Lettera 22!

    The Torpedo looks new too.

  2. That typewriter on the wall is totally relevant to you and your line of work, I think it's cool.

    OMG, Tom, the brand new L22 breaks my heart!

  3. The guy with the Lettera is lucky that I didn't see that one on eBay! He would have had one heck of a bidding-war on his hands! Great find! I only wonder how come Ton didn't scoop it up...

    1. That's right, rub it in. (:

    2. Hey, it made it's way to the Typosphere - that's a win! :D

  4. New Old Stock sure is exciting!

    I like the Remie on the wall, except that I get nervous about its possible sudden descent.

    I believe the Torpedo is an 18A, like this one:

  5. Hello Tom and others...

    Wow, it's amazing to learn that it's from 1954! It has been sitting in storage for a long time.

    I feel very privileged to own it. I had that movement where I obsessed over whether or not to use it. It had been dead stock for so long it seemed wrong to suddenly use it. ...But I did. How could I not? It was a little like finding a '57 Chevy in the corner of a car dealership; you would have to drive that baby!

  6. As for the Remie on the wall, I think that it's awesome! It keeps it kind of handy too. I love the typeface. It's a very creative decorating solution and totally appropriate for you. Awesome!

    The Torpedo is great too. I love the Art Deco styling. It's a beautiful machine. Plus, it's script!

    All great stuff!

  7. I enjoyed reading this. I like the Italian labelling on the box.

  8. The Remington was MADE for that wall, perfect. From what little I know, I think the Torpedo was their last pure one before they went in with Remington. And a BNIB lettera 22? Any typewriter collector's wet dream. I wonder what it cost. Thanks for a great update!

    1. Thanks Rob. I kinda like the Remie on the wall too. The L-22 went for a bundle for sure.

  9. Thanks for the awesome comments everyone.

    Ton- Sorry if you lost out on the bidding on that one. Bummer!

    Richard- Thanks for the info on the Torpedo. That's it exactly. I appreciate that so much. It would take a 8.0 earthquake to shake that Remie off the wall. It's solid but just a temporary arrangement anyway.

    Tim- There's a lot of jealous collectors out there right now. I love it when people come into the shop to geek out over typewriters with me. It makes my day!

  10. Nice looking torpedo.

    I think the wall-mounted machine needs two more. These kinds of decorations work best in threes. But naturally mounting them is the most important part. I'd hate to find it in pieces across your floor.

  11. I've never even thought of hanging up a machine on a wall. I think it's a nice touch! I always love typewriter/typewriter related art and decorations. And at least you can keep the machine perfectly in tact.

    I do agree with Scott though, I think two more in a row (horizontal or vertical) would give it a nice sense of completeness!

  12. Dang man ... this one post is like a pummeling by Muhammad Ali ... the Remie Scout-as-art (awesome idea), the pristine Lettera 22 - WOW ... the Torpedo ... ugh. All hit me right in the envy-spot. :-) Love the Torpedo, and I really need to find one. Nice stuff.