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This blog is about the daily activities in a busy typewriter shop. I want to share with you the many interesting people who come in here, the beautiful machines I get and most of all the great typewriter stories that people share with me!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Fun Saturday

A newly restored Classic 12

A beautiful late 1930's Simplex

Made in Bulgaria Omega II. Love the case.

My right hand dog Cody

My first typecast


  1. I know the paint jobs are legendary, but you have a heck of a shine on that Royal - is it restored or original?

  2. Welcome to the Typecasting fold! Looking forward to your future typecasts (:

  3. very nice. have fun typecasting!

  4. Hi Tom,

    What does it cost to redo the platen on a Royal Quiet DelUxe?


  5. Rob- That's the original finish.The machine was mint when I got it five years ago. I cleaned and oiled it and replaced the platen.

    Rich- A Royal QDL platen will run you $35.00 now.
    Thanks for the comments guys.

  6. We had a great time, and that SF is just a total dream to type on. Glad to see you followed through on the typecasting thing!

  7. Good job typecasting; you commit fewer typos than I do!

    I understand Ames needs to make a profit, but doubling the price on platens -- that's discouraging news. On The Portable Typewriter Forum someone recently recommended using brake fluid to freshen up a platen. I tried it today and it works. OK, it's not like getting a brand new platen, but the brake fluid does seem to penetrate the outside layer of the rubber and make it more -- well, rubbery.

  8. Way to go with the typecast!

  9. PS: Plenty of sources say that most brake fluids will harm most rubber. So the long-term effects of the brake fluid treatment may be disastrous! We'll see.

  10. Welcome to the crack pipe that is typecasting! And great job on that Classic 12 - My Classic 12 was my first and she's still my favorite!

  11. Richard- Brake fluid? What will they think of next.

    Wordrebel- Gotta love those SCM's. They were the first machine learned to repair 31 years ago and I still love them.

    Thanks for your comments and encouragement everyone! Thank you.

  12. The "Royal" is beautiful! I think I am hooked!
    I have been after the "perfect" typewriter to complement my scrapbooking tools/addiction for some time. Can you let me know how difficult they are to find and what sort of price I would be looking at?
    Well done on this blog !!!

  13. Gael- Finding these kind of machines is so hit or miss. I have a matching green Royal to go with the red one. I got both on Ebay years ago. I've been offered five hundred for each but would never sell. I would imagine the red one would go for about four hundred on Ebay. Look for estate sales and Craig's List. Check out Goodwill's auction website. All the hunting is a drag sometimes but finding that diamond in the rough is a major thrill. Happy hunting.

  14. Tom, I'm so happy you began this blog. I look forward to catching your weekly updates each week, and now typecasts Whoot!

  15. Love it!

    If your inventory isn't too full these days I'd love to do a similar trade of five functional machines in need of cleaning for one really special machine. Pondering a move really makes one consider quality over quantity (especially when one of that quantity is a full-sized Selectric I)!

  16. Winston- Shoot me a email and let me know you have in mind. I got I ton of new (old) machines in this winter.

  17. I just sent you an email bc I didn't see the comments! Teach me to scroll all the way down!

    Anyway, that's "my" typewriter up there in the pic- the blue SC Classic 12. It was my high school graduation present in 19mumble mumble.
    And I think I rented a cyrillic typewriter from your shop in about 1975, if it was then in or near Central Square.
    Loved reading about the shop in the NYT-it is a great article. Only wish I still lived in the Boston area so I could come in and get my Classic 12 cleaned. Hasn't been used in years, but probably not too clean. I'm not parting with it anytime soon.

  18. This is really cool. I'm in love with that Olympia Simplex. I'm glad I no longer live in Central Square or I'd be signing over whole paychecks to you.
    I have my own typewriter project going over at www.projectunderwood.wordpress.com . You should check it out some time. I'd love your feedback.

  19. I sure love those Classic 12's. It was actually one of the first typers I bought. I found a factory sealed woodgrain and creme model at a salvation army for about $20. It still had it's plastic cover intact, foam under the rollers, it had never been typed on.

    Considering this happened in 2002, I feel very lucky to have been able to own a "brand new" manual typewriter.